Greening the City has over 15 years experience publishing and is comfortable with a variety of formats: academic journals, conference, print and popular media, and multi-media. Key skills include:

  • Translation of complex ideas to a diverse audience
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Familiarity with current urban planning, health, green building, and nature debates

Selected publications:


Loder, A. 2014. ‘There’s a meadow outside my workplace’: A phenomenological exploration of aesthetics and green roofs in Chicago and Toronto. Landscape and Urban Planning. Vol 126 (94-106).

Loder, A., Grey, W. A., Heerwagen, J. 2011. Why Research Matters. Published as part of the conference proceedings for Greenbuild, the annual conference and tradeshow for the U.S. Green Building Council. October 5-9th, Toronto. 10 pages.

Loder, A. 2010. Green roofs and health and wellbeing: exploring the connection in Toronto and Chicago workplaces. Published as part of the conference proceedings for Cities Alive Annual Conference and Trade Show. 20 pages.

Loder, A. 2007. Shifting Edges and Moving Up: Green Roofs and the Nature/City Divide in Toronto and Chicago. Comparative Program for Health and Society Lupina Foundation Working Papers Series. Ed. Jillian Clare Cohen and M. Bianca Seaton. 2006-2007. Pp. 22-50.

Loder, A., Peck, S. W. (2004, June). Green Roofs’ Contribution to Smart Growth Implementation. Published as part of the proceedings for the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Conference, Awards and Trade Show in Portland, Oregon.


 Loder, A. Small-scale urban greening: creating places of health, creativity, and ecological sustainability. Routledge. Expected release summer 2018.

Non-refereed publications:

 Loder, A. February 2015. Greening Healthcare: how hospitals can heal the planet. Health and Environmental Research Design. Invited book review.

 Loder, A. and Smith, J. 2013. Designing Access to Nature in Healthcare. Healthcare Design. July 3rd. – !

Gray, W. and Loder, A. Spring issue, 2011. Fieldnotes: Review of the Green Building and Health Workshop at Greenbuild 2010. Article in the Living Architecture Monitor. Quarterly magazine for the green roof industry. Magazine is both on and offline.

Loder, A. (2010, Summer). Green roofs: Enviro and Mental Benefits. Our Green Home. Published by Corporate Knights. Tri-annual publication, Greater Toronto Area distribution. Resource is both on and offline.

Loder, A. Fall 2003. Green Roof Infrastructure helps to Implement Goals of Smart Growth. Green Roof Infrastructure Monitor (now Living Architecture Monitor) Vol 5, no. 2. Bi-annual research and industry journal published by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. Available on-line at

Interviews and Media Presence:

Booth, Michael. Summer 2014. Measuring Motivation: Is there proof greener spaces get people moving around? The Expert View. Health Elevations, Colorado Health Foundation.

Summer 2014. Health Elevations: Visual Guide to Re: Built. Featured in social media campaign for healthy places and buildings. Colorado Health Foundation.

Blinch, Russ. May 2014. Why Office Workers are Demanding Sustainable Offices. The Guardian.

Conference Presentations:

Loder, A. (2016). The Reimagined City: Art, Health, and Movement. Paper presented at the American Association of Geographers, San Francisco, California.

Loder, A. (2015). “Ambiguous wild: Reconciling the new ecological aesthetic with the modernist city.” Paper presented at Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA), Los Angeles, California.

Loder, A. (2013, April). Emotion, Control, and Messy Landscapes: exploring urban greening projects and human health and well-being. Paper presented at American Association of Geographers, Los Angeles, California.

Slabe, T., O’Connor, T., Loder, A., Dakin, K., Creath, A., Fusco, M. (2012, October). Thermal Characteristics of an Extensive Green Roof and a Gravel Ballasted Roof in High Elevation, Semi-Arid, Temperate Denver, CO. Paper presented at Cities Alive 2012: Chicago, Illinois.

 Loder, A. (2012, October). Green Roofs in the City: Biodiversity, Aesthetics, and Human Health. Session presented at EcoSummit 2012: Columbus, Ohio.

Heerwagen, J., Grey, Whitney., Loder, A. (2011 October). Why Research Matters. Session presented at Greenbuild 2011: Toronto, Ontario.

Loder, A. (2010, December). Green Roofs and Health: Exploring the connection in Toronto and Chicago Workplaces. Paper presented at Cities Alive: 8th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Loder, A. (2010, November). Cracks in the pavement: exploring spaces of possibility and release in the modernist city. Paper presented at the International Association of Environmental Philosophy, Montréal, Québec.

Stefanovic, I. and Loder, A. (2010, January). Energy Demand Management: The Human Factor. Paper presented at the Energy and Environment Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.

Loder, A. (2009, November). There’s a meadow outside my workplace: Explorations of place and wellbeing for office workers in cities implementing green roofs. Paper presented at the International Association of Environmental Philosophy, Arlington, Virginia.

Loder, A. (2009, July). Nature in the City: Exploring the impact of green roofs on office worker health and well-being in Toronto. Paper presented at 2009 International Medical Geography Symposium, Hamilton, Ontario.

Loder, A. (2009, March). Dwelling in the Concrete Jungle: are green roofs shifting the place experience of office workers in central business districts in Chicago? Paper presented at the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG), Las Vegas.

Loder, A. (2007, October). Dwelling in the Green City: Exploring the role of Nature in Health and Place. Paper presented at Nature Matters Conference, Toronto.

Loder, A. (2007, April). Shifting Edges and Moving Up: Green roofs and the Nature/City Divide. Paper presented at the 2007 Annual General Meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG), San Francisco.

Loder, A. (2006, June). Greening the City: Exploring Health, Well-being and Green Roofs in the context of the workplace. Paper presented at the Natural City Conference, University of Toronto, Toronto 

Loder, A. (2006, March). Is Nature Good for Us? A critical systematic literature review and Implications for Urban Greening Projects. Paper presented at the Annual General Meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG), Chicago.