Dr. Angela Loder is Director and Principle Researcher for Greening the City. She is a researcher scientist, strategic planner, and educator with over ten years’ experience examining the relationship between the built and natural urban environment and human health and well-being outcomes.

Dr. Loder specializes in strategic planning, analysis and translation of complex data to diverse audiences, and visionary thinking to foster innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration on complex topics. 

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Designing, interWELL_Angela Loder_0241preting, and translating complex data to diverse audiences and policy and health outcomes
  • Using urban planning and cultural geography training to understand the impact of policy and design interventions at multiple scales and in different communities – ranging from regional land-use transportation planning to neighborhoods to individual buildings
  • Impact of access to nature on multiple physical and psychosocial health outcomes.
  • Demonstrated ability to secure prestigious funding and grants, including the Canada-US Fulbright and a $1.5 million dollar state grant to support public health initiatives, an almost 60% increase from previous funding amounts.

Current research interests include:

  • How healthy buildings can be integrated with ecological city and planning objectives
  • How building design and access to nature impacts stress, concentration, and creativity
  • What kind of interdisciplinary collaboration is needed to move health in buildings forward.

Dr. Loder’s doctoral research looked at the impact that visual and physical access to a green roof in Chicago and Toronto had on office workers’ concentration, stress, and creativity. Dr. Loder’s research is the first large-scale multi-method study on the health impacts of access to green roofs in urban areas.

Dr. Loder has worked with multiple levels of government, non-profits, and organizations. She routinely works with other academics and consultants on larger projects and grants. She has been a core member of the Health in Buildings Roundtable (HiBR) with the NIH since 2007, is a board member of the Institute for the Built Environment, adjunct faculty at Denver University, and part of the first cohort of WELL Faculty and a WELL AP. She has presented her research at numerous international conferences, and has published in academic and popular media. Dr. Loder is a Canada-US Fulbright Scholar and mentor to several US Fulbright students. Her book “Small-Scale Urban Greening: Creating Places of Health, Creativity, and Ecological Sustainability” will be published with Routledge.

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