Mayors from GOP states address climate change

Mayors from Arizona and Texas encouraged cities to use nature to mitigate against climate change. The US Conference of Mayors will vote Monday on a resolution to encourage cities to use natural resources to protect coastlines, air and freshwater quality, and maintain a healthy tree cover. Two reports by The Nature Conservancy showed how natural buffers could be cost-efficient and more effective than traditional solutions. Click here to read the report.

New study links suburban sprawl to decreased social mobility

A new study indicates that living in sprawling suburban areas decreases a poor child’s chances of moving up the socio-economic ladder as an adult. Possible reasons include higher transportation costs in sprawling areas, as well as more isolation.

“One of the most striking findings is that living in more compact and connected metro areas can help low-income children get ahead financially as adults.”

Despite continuing sprawl many cities in the US are developing comprehensive growth plans that try to reduce sprawl due to its’ negative impact on health. Read the full article here.