On April 7th the the World Health Organizations’ World Health Day will focus on urbanization and health. The campaign encourages cities to “open public spaces to health,” such as clean up or urban park activities. Leading examples from cities across the world will be featured in their “1000 cities- 1000 lives” campaign, and cities can sign up on the World Health Organization website.

Many U.S. cities are already embarking on campaigns to make their cities greener, from vegetated roofs to bike sharing campaigns and composting. Montreal, Paris, and Washington, DC are some of the most recent cities to implement a bike-sharing program.

Many cities are also implementing composting, with one of the newest converts being San FranciscoToronto has also had enormous success with its green bin program.

For those interested in getting an overview of green city initiatives, they can check out Planet Green’s “Green City Guide.”

For more information check out an excellent website: Finding Dulcinea.

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