me.pocono.bridge.09Angela Loder, Ph.D., is Director and Principal Researcher of Greening the City Consulting in Denver, CO.  She specializes in strategic planning, analysis and translation of complex data to diverse audiences, and visionary thinking to foster innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration on complex topics. 

Core areas: health in buildings, access to nature and health, urban greening, green roofs, urban planning, Transit-oriented development, qualitative, qualitative and policy development and analysis, teaching, speaking engagements, and leadership.

Dr. Loder is adjunct faculty at Denver University, a core member of the National Institute of Health Health in Buildings Roundtable, a board member of the Institute for the Built Environment, and a member of the Healthy Places Committee with the Urban Land Institute.

Previously she worked on an interdisciplinary federally-funded research project on the social behavioural aspects of conservation demand management (CDM) at the University of Toronto Centre for Environment,

See LinkedIn Profile here.


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