Interesting research is demonstrating what we have suspected for a while- that it isn’t enough to just stop working to really recharge (especially if we keep thinking and worrying about work while ‘resting’). What is really needed is both internal rest, such as doing something mindless and restful, like daydreaming, reading a fiction book, etc, and external rest, such as gardening or hanging out with friends. This counteracts the prevailing American ideal of work and productivity, which views constant work, sleep sacrifice, and burnout as hallmarks of productivity. Recent books such as Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution, Carl Honore’s In Praise of Slow , and the WELL Building Standards’s MIND Feature  have challenged this ideal, showing in fact that this constant busyness is counterproductive and ineffective. This research supports this growing trend of acknowledging the role of rest for renewal and productivity, and health and well-being. See the full article here.

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